The Credit Union is committed to meeting all the financial needs of its members without compromising the valued relationship we have with our members. The Board of Directors, management and staff of the Credit Union acknowledge that our member’s trust and confidence in the Credit Union is one of our highest priorities. In their daily transactions and dealings with us, our members furnish us sensitive and confidential information. We are committed to protecting our member’s privacy and it is our stated intent to comply with the NCUA Privacy Rules and other applicable privacy provisions. To ensure that our members continue their trust in our Credit Union, we adopt the following policy:

The Credit Union shall comply with all NCUA Privacy Rules and all applicable state privacy laws affecting us. The manager shall be responsible for ensuring that all Directors, management, and staff are properly trained in the various privacy laws affecting the Credit Union. The manager shall continuously monitor privacy regulations.

No Credit Union employee shall request information from a member unless that information is necessary to conduct or complete a transaction, process an application, or is for business purposes.

The Credit Union shall only disclose the information it collects from its members and former members to affiliates of the Credit Union, transaction processors, other financial institutions, other service providers of the credit union, and those parties allowed by law, in accordance with 12 CFR Parts 716.13, 716.14, and 716.15.

The Credit Union shall enter into joint agreements with other financial institutions and services providers to ensure that those parties follow our strict confidentiality procedures and do not use our member’s personal information for any purposes other than the purpose of our agreement with them.

The Credit Union shall restrict access to our member’s information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services. The Credit Union shall maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and state regulations in order to protect our member’s personal information.